Sarah Jessica Parker Gets Rid of Her Trademark (VIDEO)


538531Have you noticed a something little different about Sarah Jessica Parker‘s face? No, it’s not new circles under her eyes from being the mother of a active little boy and infant twins. Something is  missing…her mole!

SJP once had a rather large mole on her chin, but she had is removed by her brother-in-law. No, it wasn’t after one two many Cosmos, he just happens to be a plastic surgeon.
“I didn’t object to it. I just didn’t care for it,” Sarah Jessica told David Letterman on Late Night last Tuesday.

“And I had about six free days when I could be bloody and stabbed and no one will care and honestly I didn’t think a thing about it and then apparently it turned into mole-gate,” said Parker.

But she did have a ting of regret recently. A woman on the street and approached her and told her she was upset that she had gotten rid of her “signature.”

“I was like, ‘My mole was my signature? Isn’t my brain my signature?'” Parker stated. “For about the next 15 minutes I couldn’t hear anything because I thought I’d make a terrible mistake. Can they put it back on?”

What do you think of the missing mole?