Sarah Jessica Parker Is Proud To Be A Mom


sarah-jessica-parker-matthew-broderick-twinsSarah Jessica Parker is a good mom. Even though she isn’t my favorite actress, I can’t fault her parenting. Except for the whole short pants on James Wilkie thing. Drives me nuts. . .

She, in an interview with Gotham magazine, said she loves that her son is becoming “a good little human being.”

“The idea of ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you…’ I fall short of it constantly, but I try. I’ve been working on it with James Wilkie since the time he was a little fellow and could really understand language.”

“I’m so proud of who my son’s becoming and how hard he works to be a good little human being.”

“The hardest days for your children become your hardest days. Your most triumphant moments are when you see them feel good about themselves — to see your child learn how to read and ask questions.”

Everything she said is true. I remember I was so excited when my oldest learn to tie his shoes. So proud!

I’ll try super hard to be nicer to/about her.