Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick Bundle Up in NYC (Photos)

sarah jessica parker matthew broderick
Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick in NYC

We’ve had it pretty good so far this season, but it looks like winter weather has finally hit the east coast! To say that it’s chilly in the northeast today would be the understatement of the year. The wind is whipping, and it’s actually a bit painful to step outside!

It’s pretty hard to look stylish when the temperatures drop below freezing, even for fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker.

She was spotted out and about in the city this week with husband Matthew Broderick, and both of them were all bundled up to brave the elements.

While Sarah is smiling and looks like her usual happy self in the photos below, Matthew appears kind of miserable and looks like he needs a fire to curl up in front of, don’t you think?

Frozen or not, these two are the quintessential NYC couple!


  • Arctic Chill! 1 of 4
    Arctic Chill!
    Winter has finally arrived on the east coast!
  • Cold Drink? 2 of 4
    Cold Drink?
    Wouldn't a hot cup of coffee have been better that that smoothie?
  • Still Fashionable 3 of 4
    Still Fashionable
    SJP always looks great, even when she's bundled up.
  • NYC Couple 4 of 4
    NYC Couple
    Matthew and Sarah are true New Yorkers!