Sarah Jessica Parker Pregnant! (Sort Of)



Actress Sarah Jessica Parker, who is mom to son James Wilke, and twin girls, Tabitha and Marion, is pregnant!  Well, sort of…

It’s actually her Sex and The City character Carrie Bradshaw who will be expecting!

From Showbiz Spy:

Carrie apparently discovers she’s expecting her first when her husband Mr. Big — played by Chris Noth — goes to London and ends up sleeping with another woman.

“Big loses a lot of money and takes a job in London, living alone in a one-bedroom apartment,” a source said. “Big gets really low and ends up in bed with another woman.

“After she leaves him, Carrie discovers she is pregnant.”

Parker recently revealed that Carrie’s life comes “crashing down” in SATC 2.

“As ever the girls reflect real life and Carrie’s world seems to be crashing down,” Parker, 44, was quoted as saying.

I’m so excited!  A Sex and The City baby!