Sarah Jessica Parker Says You Should Hate Your Husband! What?

Sarah Jessica Parker

Do you ever wonder what makes a marriage successful?

Well maybe we should take celeb mom Sarah Jessica Parker’s advice allow yourself 20 minutes a day to hate your husband.

The actress says the secret behind her 14 year relationship with Matthew Broderick is that she allows herself 20 minutes a day to ‘hate’ her husband.

“I think that’s healthy and I think it’s realistic,” she said.

“Some people have it down to 20 minutes a week. Other unfortunate people have it down to 20 minutes per hour.”

Luckily for her, those 20 minutes don’t happen too often.  “In my life, we go many, many days without 20 minutes of bitterness.”

So what is the key to a happy relationship?

“You work really hard for many years and the overwhelming feeling is of good fortune and appreciation – so how else could a person behave if you are so lucky and fortunate?”

The couple  have three children together, James Wilkie, 8, and two-year-old twins Marion and Tabitha.

What do you think of SJP’s advice?

Photo: PR Photos