Sarah Jessica Parker Takes Her Son James To School (Photos)

Sarah Jessica Parker

I guess you can say that summer is officially over in most parts of the country as all the kids are back at school. Celebrity mom Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted taking her son James to school early in morning on Tuesday in New York City.

Sometimes I so wish I could live somewhere in a cooler climate like New York and walk my kids to school the same way Sarah Jessica does. Unfortunately in South Florida just walking to your mailbox will make you break a sweat.

Check out our photos below and let us know what you think and tell us Babble readers, how do you take your kids to school?

  • Sarah Jessica Parker 1 of 5
    Sarah Jessica Parker
    Actress Sarah Jessica Parker seen wearing ripped blue jeans and a grey sweatshirt while walking her son James to school in New York.
  • Casual Mom 2 of 5
    Casual Mom
    When it comes to being a mom, it's pretty clear that Sarah Jessica leaves her heels in her closet.
  • Walking To School 3 of 5
    Walking To School
    But still, it's great to see SJP being such a great "hands-on" mom and taking her kids to school every morning.
  • Big Boy! 4 of 5
    Big Boy!
    James has grown so much over the years, hasn't he?
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    Tell Us Your Thoughts
    What do you think of Sarah Jessica's mom style?

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