Sarah Jessica Parker Takes Marion and Tabitha Out In The Cold! But, They Look Adorable! (Photos)


Sarah Jessica Parker takes Marion and Tabitha out in the cold! But, they look adorable!

It has been super, super cold in New York for the last few weeks and I am sure cabin fever is hard to handle with little kids!

Sarah Jessica Parker picked up Tabitha and Marion and took them home after school where it looks like they had a party as they were wearing the cutest little head bands! But, how could I tell it was cold! They had the pinkest little noses!

All three were dressed as cute as can be and we would expect nothing else from SJP!

Check out the photos below!

  • Adorable!! 1 of 8
    This is the cutest threesome ever!
  • Coat! 2 of 8
    if you are going to wear a coat like that shouldn't it be zippered?
  • Sarah Jessica Parker! 3 of 8
    Sarah Jessica Parker!
    Love, love, love that snow hat!
  • Stars!! 4 of 8
    Star light, star bright I see adorable little girls out in the cold!
  • Steps! 5 of 8
    Always need to be careful going down the stairs!
  • Precious! 6 of 8
    Every child need a photo like this for one day!
  • Don’t!!! 7 of 8
    Don't let the stars fall!
  • Home! 8 of 8
    Finally home and everyone can warm up!

(Photo Source : Pacific Coast )

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