Sarah Jessica Parker Walks Her Adorable Twins to School (Photos)


They’re a handful — a couple of handfuls, to be honest — but what a cute one!

Sarah Jessica Parker made her morning school run with 3-year-old twins Marion and Tabitha. She was dressed in her best Mom Weekday fashion — jeans, wool cap, casual coat, no makeup — but the girls, as always, looked sweeter than the entire inventory of Dylan’s Candy Bar.

Tabitha, in the red coat, held onto her mom’s hand obediently, while Marion, in purple, seemed more distracted. But after all, they do live in Manhattan, where there’s always something interesting to look at.

Check out their pictures here!

  • Little lady in red 1 of 5
    Little lady in red
    Tabitha stays buttoned up, but SJP leaves her long down coat open.
  • What’s that, Mom? 2 of 5
    What's that, Mom?
    Both Tabitha and Marion notice something off to their right.
  • Too cute 3 of 5
    Too cute
    The twins wear warm toggle coats in red and purple over their flowered dresses.
  • Don’t dawdle! 4 of 5
    Don't dawdle!
    Marion lags behind for a moment, but her mom and sister forge ahead.
  • The two at 3 5 of 5
    The two at 3
    Marion and Tabitha are only three years old, but already they seem like little ladies.

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