Sarah Jessica Parker Walks Son To First Day Of School

Sarah Jessica Parker
SJP joins school moms for breakfast

Well doesn’t this look like a scene right out of Sex and the City?! Sarah Jessica Parker joined a group of fellow mom’s from her son’s school for breakfast after dropping him off for his first day of school!

The ladies met up at Gottino restaurant in NYC after dropping the kids off at the West Village School, and unknowingly re-created the scene from the popular movie while leaving the restaurant! I love the fact that even the rich and famous gather for breakfast after dropping their kids off for the first day of school!

sarah jessica parker

sarah jessica parker
Sarah Jessica Parker walks son James Wilkie to his 1st day of school

How cute does James look too? He is certainly getting big and looks thrilled to have his mom walking him to school! I wonder if SJP was nervous or excited for James on his first day?