Sarah Jessica Parker's Son James Banned The Family From Moving Out Of New York City!

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Sarah Jessica Parker considered a move out of New York City.

Not that we could pictures Sarah Jessica Parker anywhere other than New York City, but if she and her husband Matthew Broderick were interested in moving their family elsewhere, son James Wilkie has banned the possibility!

Parker and Broderick considered a life in the sticks, but 8-year-old Wilkie put his foot down!

After their twins, Tabitha and Loretta, arrived in 2009, a move was an option in their minds. SJP, 46, tells USA Today, “Having three kids, we thought, ‘Should we?’ We sort of took some hours with some realtors.”

But James ended up being the deciding factor. “James is really attached to the city,” she says. “He loves walking out that door, as do I, and the whole city is laid out in front of him. It’s such a privilege.”

I’d like to thank James for making sure our Carrie Bradshaw stays in the city she owns!

Could you imagine Sarah Jessica Parker NOT in New York City?

[Photo via Pacific Coast News.]