Sarah Jessica Parker's Surrogate Lived In A Motel


sarah-jessica-parker1The surrogate who gave birth to twin girls for Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick lived in a motel right before she was due.

The information came out during Michelle Ross’s testimony on Thursday regarding the break in of her Ohio home by a police officer.

The surrogacy agency had moved the 26-year-old to a motel when she was almost 9 months pregnant.

Ross said that ultrasound photos, surrogacy files and tax information were taken from her home in May by Police Chief Barry Carpenter. He tried to sell the items related to the pregnancy to the paparazzi.

She later delivered the twins in an emergency cesarean section.

First of all, what was the policy officer thinking? Did he really believe he was not going to get caught? From Ohio to New York City, those twins are sure living large now!