Sarah Jessica Parker's Surrogate Lives in "Dilapidated" House


There’s a story in today’s NY Post that seems to imply that Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick should be ashamed of living a tony Manhattan lifestyle while their surrogate — to whom it’s believed they paid the going surrogacy rate of about $30,000 — lives in the “armpit” of the United States. Michelle Ross who carried the couple’s twin daughters, Marion and Tabitha, lives with her boyfriend, son and some pets in a rented home  in Martins Ferry, Ohio worth $90,000 which the Post describes as “dilapidated.”

Ross’ boyfriend Justin Williams said: “The last year has been really hard on her, everything that happened with the police here. She really believes in surrogacy and wants to get the word out, but she doesn’t want to be in the limelight.”  (The local police were involved in stealing and trying to sell information to the tabloids.)

A local tells the Post: “This is the armpit of the world,” admitted Paul Folmar, who has lived in Martins Ferry for 12 years. “Sarah Jessica Parker is rich. There ain’t anyone rich in this town. We are all poor. Sarah Jessica Parker must have laughed at this place.”

So what’s the implication of the Post piece: Because Sarah Jessica Parker is rich, she should pay more for than a regular person for a surrogate or support the surrogate on an ongoing basis?  That’s kind of a slippery slope and somewhat unethical. It would be like a celebrity getting a speedy adoption because they can pay more. (Which probably happens but people abhor the notion of it.)

Read the Post article here, and tell us what you think. Fair portrayal of the situation or not?  My take: If Parker and Broderick paid triple the going rate, the press would have a problem with that too, saying their celebrity and money bought preferential treatment. They can’t win either way!