Sarah McLachlan Rolls with the Punches


Sarah McLachlan All Grown UpSinger / songwriter Sarah McLachlan ruled the female indie music movement of the 90s.  The founder of the female oriented Lillith Fair has taken a low profile over the past few years to get married, have a couple of kids, and get divorced. 

Now she’s out with a new album, Laws of Illusion, hitting the tour circuit with a renewed Lilith Fair, and reconciling with the fact that life doesn’t always come with a fairy tale ending.

“[The last time I cried] was two days ago.  I’d been away from my tow daughters [India, 8, and Taja, 3] for five days,” she say of her new reality as a single working mom.  “I came home, and they were angels for about 10 minutes, until they remembered they were supposed to be p**sed at me.  parenting is the most relentless, exhausting thing I’ve ever dealt with.  But the rewards are massive.”

So much of her life has changed over the past decade which begs the question of where she hopes to find herself in 10 years.

“[I want to be] happy,” she admits.  “I am not a big goal setter.  I try not to set high expectations except when it comes to being a great parent.  And I try not to kick the c**p out of myself if I fall short of the 100% that I expect.

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