Sarah Michelle Gellar: My Daughter Charlotte Thinks I Get My Hair Done For A Living!


sarah-michelle-gellar-41-434x651Sarah Michelle Gellar is the apple of her daughter’s eyes!  Charlotte Prinze has no idea about the number of Buffy fans in the world or that her mom is actually an actress. The adorable 3-year-old just thinks mom is mom! Why wouldn’t she?

“I think my daughter thinks I get my hair done for a living and was very concerned, because I left with wet hair today, and she was very concerned that I wasn’t doing my job because my hair wasn’t dry,” Sarah told Us Weekly during a Television Critics Association event in Pasadena, Calif., promoting her new CBS comedy The Crazy Ones.

Charlotte’s baby brother, Rocky, Gellar says, is equally as oblivious. Jokes the actress of her son: “He’s 10 months old and I’m lucky he knows who I am!”

Can you even imagine one day waking up and realizing your parents are celebrities? It must be surreal!

Well enjoy the innocence while you can!

(Photo Source : Pacific Coast )

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