Sarah Michelle Gellar: Ringer, Baby Poop on Jimmy Fallon (Video)

Sarah Michelle Gellar Ringer baby poop Jimmy Fallon
Sarah Michelle Gellar shares parenthood story with Jimmy Fallon

Sarah Michelle Gellar sits down with Jimmy Fallon to talk about her new TV series “Ringer,” but she’s also got some baby poop talk for Fallon (video).

It may just blow your mind that Gellar is so freely dishing on daughter Charlotte’s (Charlie) propensity to remove her diaper at night and naturally end up with a messy bed.

It may further surprise you to hear Gellar take the story one step further and explain that Charlotte sniffed the poo and compared it to hummus.

Gellar shares, “She has some issues with poop. I mean I also have some issues with poop, I’m not poop’s biggest fan. She does this thing, she likes to take her diaper off anyway she can at night. Like if she poops at all in her diaper, she doesn’t want it on anymore, which I kind of understand. I would not myself want to sit in a diaper full of poop.”

Sarah Michelle Gellar has tried using duct tape and multiple diapers, but with no success.

“I come in the other morning and she’s like ‘Mama, Mama, poop in the bed.’ And I’m like ‘yeah, I see’,” explains Gellar.

Then her two-year-old leaned over to smell it and said to mama, “I think it’s hummus.”

On to the premiere of “Ringer,” Sarah Michelle plays twin sisters with hidden secrets – she explains, “The New York Post had the best review of the show … it said, “Bridget’s a ho and Siobhan’s a bitch. And I thought it was the best description of the show I’ve ever read.”

Sounds like “Ringer” may be worth a watch!