Sarah Michelle Gellar's Daughter Loves Coffee?

sarah michelle gellar
Sarah Michelle Gellar is a coffee addict!

Like many parents, celeb mom Sarah Michelle Gellar can’t live without her coffee every morning. Something about chasing after kids day in and day out just really makes that cup-o-joe necessary for so many moms and dads, myself included!

Sarah and her husband, Freddie Prinze, Jr., love their java so much, that even their 2-year old daughter, Charlotte, has taken a liking to it.

Well, the concept of it, that is!

Sarah told Conan O’Brien, “My husband and I both like our coffee in the morning and now [Charlie] has taken up to it. Everything is Starbucks. [She says,] ‘We need to go get cacky?'”

Of course, Charlotte is way too young to drink coffee, so Sarah just gives her the Starbucks cups to drink out of. Sarah added, “Child Protective Services will get called one day because she likes to get water, but in a hot cup so it looks like she’s drinking an espresso! They give her those little cups and then she runs around the store.”

If I were Sarah, I wouldn’t worry too much. Wasn’t Suri Cruise seen drinking juice out of a wine glass one time while at lunch with Katie Holmes?




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