Sarah Palin Alaska: Watch Sarah Palin's Alaska Premiere Online Video TLC

sarah palin alaska watch sarah palin alaska online video tlc
Watch Sarah Palin's Alaska online video

Watch Sarah Palin’s Alaska premiere online in the video clips below. Sarah Palin’s Alaska premieres November 14 on TLC.

Sarah Palin’s Alaska, an eight-part reality series, features the Palin family in their Alaskan element, with previews of the series showing fishing expeditions, run-ins with bears, hiking snowy mountains and hanging out with Iditarod dog racers.

“I would describe myself, my family as just normal, average every day Americans,” Sarah Palin says.

Whether you’re a Sarah Palin lover or hater, you have to give the woman some credit for her outdoor spirit.

Yeah… well, she’s not my favorite, but catching a glimpse of Alaska is pretty cool. I’m not interested in Sarah Palin or her family, but appreciate the look at life in Alaska.

Given the non-political aspect of Sarah Palin’s Alaska, do you think Sarah Palin will boost her image by giving Americans an inside look at her family and life in Alaska?

Will you watch Sarah Palin’s Alaska? Do you think it’s an interesting inside look at the Palin family or a reality show trainwreck?

Watch more of Sarah Palin’s Alaska online at the TLC website.

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