Sarah Palin Boycotting Daughter Bristol's Wedding? You Betcha!


Word on the street is that Sarah Palin is (understandably) extremely upset by daughter Bristol’s re-engagement to Levi Johnston, with whom she has a toddler son Tripp. And she is so against the union that she’s refusing to attend the nuptials.

“It’s going to be the wedding of the century in Alaska. Our version of Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ wedding,” a Palin family friend told “Everyone would kill to get an invite even if it means having to buy them an expensive gift. It’s just too bad that her mother has refused to attend. Although I can’t say I blame her after everything that boy has put her through.”

A friend of Levi’s (he has friends?) said:”Bristol is very upset about her mother’s decision and hopes her dad, Todd, will be able to change her mind. It’s not like Bristol or Levi are asking for help paying for the wedding, they just want their family to attend. It would cost them nothing.”

But apparently father-of-the-bride Todd Palin will be there: “With or without Sarah, Todd will be walking his daughter down the aisle,” the friend says. “He has been looking forward to this day ever since Bristol was a little girl and wouldn’t miss it for anything or anyone. Bristol has told her mom she doesn’t even want a wedding present just her mom to attend.”

Here’s the thing — I’m not buying it. In fact, I refudiate it. Sarah Palin will be there, if for nothing else for PR purposes. You don’t boycott your daughter’s wedding, even if she’s marrying the likes of a hanger-on like Levi Johnston. Granted, we all know Levi’s motivation is to ride the Palin gravy train as he was headed toward certain poverty, but she’ll be there. If, and this is a big if, the wedding actually goes off.


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