Sarah Palin On Dancing With The Stars: Where Is Bristol Palin's Dad, Todd Palin?

sarah palin
Sarah Palin has been on DWTS. Where is Todd?

All the buzz today has been about Sarah Palin on “Dancing with the Stars” and whether she got booed (consensus seems to be it was Jennifer Grey’s low scores that were booed, but it caused quite the stir). But as I watched Tom Bergeron interview Bristol Palin’s mom, and watched the footage of her taking Mark Ballas home to Alaska, all I kept wondering was, where’s Bristol’s dad?

Where is Todd Palin? The short, so-rehearsed-it-was-painful shots of Bristol at her house didn’t show any sign of dad that I noticed, though I did find one reference online to Todd possibly showing up for a party a restaurant had for the Palins while Bristol was in town.

Todd has never been much for the spotlight, but I’d like to see him in the “DWTS” audience too. What do you think did I completely miss him? Maybe he’ll show up tonight?

Photo: ABC