Sarah Palin Wants Levi Gone


Yesterday, we talked about the fact that Sarah Palin hasn’t completely forgiven Levi Johnston for all the problems he’s caused for the Palin family. But a Palin insider puts it a little more bluntly, insisting Sarah is extremely anti Johnston being engaged to daughter Bristol Palin, and being a part of the Palin family. “Levi did everything he could to destroy Sarah and her family,” the insider said. “He has accused sarah of being a bad mother, a bad wife and a bad leader. How can he walk back into their life like nothing happened?”

According to, sources have revealed Sarah is absolutely livid about the engagement. The 2008 Republican vice-presidential nominee still holds a grudge against Johnston for not being there for Bristol and the young couple’s son, Tripp, and rather working on increasing his own fame by doing things like posing for Playgirl.

Not only is Sarah distrustful of Johnston’s role as a husband and a father, but his ability to be a political supporter of the family and not a source of negative press an public perception.

“[Johnston] may have won Bristol back, but he will never gain the trust of Sarah,” the Palin insider said. “She doesn’t forgive and forget.”


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