Sarah Palin's Alaska - A Desperate Plea For Everyone to Like Her (Video)

Sarah Palin's Alaska - Just a Desperate Plea for Attention
sarah palin alaska

No matter whether you love her or hate her, the world will be talking about Sarah Palin tomorrow morning.  The Palin family drama comes home to our televisions tonight with the premiere of the TLC show Sarah Palin’s Alaska.  While the show claims to be a realistic look at Palin’s life in Alaska with Todd in the kids, behind it all it appears to be a desperate plea from the tv commentator for everyone to like her.

Sarah Palin is that girl from high school.  The one who would do just about anything to get people to like her.  During the 2008 Presidential election she relished in her role as the gun-toting hockey mom that was just like the little folks she wanted to represent.  As a political commentator, she talks up the role of her mama grizzlies taking over the world.  In her own reality show, she tries to show us her softer side at home with the family.  It all comes off as desperate and artificial.

Whether we like or not we’re all going to watch it, but desperation ain’t pretty!