Sarah Palin's Alaska - Hiking, Fishing, and Camping with Kate Plus Eight!


sarah palin tlcAre you ready world?  Sarah Palin and the rest of the Palin family are coming to your televisions in November and TLC is going to milk it for all they can!

We get to see Governor Sarah Palin in her natural habitat – hiking, fishing, and camping with Kate Gosselin.  If you can recall the time Kate went camping with her kids in the back yard, the camping trip should be must-see TV!

When can you catch Sarah and all her zany adventures?

The show will debut on November 6th (conveniently timed right after the November 2nd election day). 

Joining the fromer Alaskan Governor on all her outdoorsy adventures will be husband Todd, sons Track, Trig, and daughter Piper, Willow, and Bristol (no invite was sent to Bristol’s ex-fiance Levi Johnston).   The show, which is being developed by Survivor mastermind Mark Burnett, will feature the family hiking on glaciers, fishing for salmon, and trying to teach Kate Gosselin and her Eight some old-school camping techniques. 

Will you be tuning in to Sarah’s reality show?

Photo: PR Photos