Sarah Parish Opens Up About Loss Of Daughter



Sarah Parish recently spoke out about the death of her eight-month-old baby daughter.

Her daughter Ella-Jayne was diagnosed with the condition a hole in her heart in-utero and lived for 8 months. She had two operations immediately after birth and spent four months in intensive care, but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t well loved.

“We took her to see my family in Yeovil and James’s family up north. She had a great Christmas and was very happy. This was something that the hospital gave us that was so precious.”

“Being in hospital with a very sick child is a very frightening and stressful time. There needs to be someone on hand to take the families aside and answer practical questions and offer emotional support. Having a counsellor would definitely have helped us.”

I’m really surprised that something like that isn’t offered in more places.

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