Sasha Obama Has Her 11th Birthday Party At Red Robin

The Obama girls

Here’s a confession: I’ve never been to a Red Robin and it’s not because I don’t like the burger chain, but simply because we don’t have any of their restaurants where I live (plus, we’re more like a Chick Fil A family). Well, it looks like the Obama Family must really love the menu over at Red Robin’s because that’s where they decided to celebrate Sasha Obama‘s 11th birthday party. That, or they realize it’s campaign season and some fancy MTV-like bash just won’t cut it with the tax payers in this country.

Us Weekly reports that Sasha had a good old time with her school friends at the low-key birthday bash that included chicken burgers, cheeseburgers with avocado and milkshakes. A source tells the mag:

“Before leaving the restaurant, the First Lady left a generous tip for the server and tapped management on the shoulder to let them know ‘everything was wonderful and the girls had a great time.'”

Quite honestly, I kind of like the idea of having a family and budget-friendly birthday party rather than those over-the-top soirees that include pony rides and live puppies in the kids’ goody bags. Kudos to the First Lady for keeping it real.