Sasha Vujacic and Maria Sharapova Engaged: Babies Next for Vujacic and Sharapova?

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Maria Sharapova and Sasha Vujacic engaged

Sasha Vujacic and Maria Sharapova are engaged… are babies next for Vujacic and Sharapova?

News of Sasha Vujacic and Maria Sharapova’s engagement broke yesterday, as reports came out that Sasha Vujacic had proposed to Maria Sharapova on the one-year anniversary of the couple meeting at a friend’s barbeque.

Sasha Vujacic is a guard for the Los Angeles Lakers, while Maria Sharapova is a Russian tennis star.

Maria Sharapova, the highest paid female athlete in the world, has been sidelined lately due to injuries, while Sasha Vujacic has been out of play due to a concussion.

No wedding date has been set for the sporty pair, but we’ll be interested in seeing what kind of super athlete babies Vujacic and Sharapova have!


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