Watch: Sassy Gay Friend Meets 'Black Swan'


sassy gay friendNatalie Portman’s character in Black Swan could have avoided tragedy if she’d only had a sassy gay friend. Second City’s Sassy Gay Friend has run out of Shakespeare but he’s still fabulous in this spoof of Black Swan.

Sassy Gay Friend Brian Gallivan, is back with a new video and it’s a good thing because it’s been too long!

In the new video, Sassy Gay Friend is setting this disturbed ballet dancer back on the right track.  If you haven’t seen Sassy Gay Friend, he travels through literature and history to help women change their lives…because they have a sassy gay friend.

The whole Black Swan sketch is funny but here’s my favorite part:

Natalie: “You think you’re so sassy and gay … well so am I! I slept with a girl! And it was Mila Kunis!”
Sassy Gay Friend: “Big deal! I’d sleep with Mila Kunis! (No.)”

My favorite Sassy Gay Friend video is Hamlet! I love this one! Best line? “PS..this is the best your hair has ever looked.”

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Photo: SecondCity/SassyGayFriend

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