Saturday Night Live Charlie Sheen: SNL Duh! Winning With Charlie Sheen Sketch (Video)

saturday night live charlie sheen bill hader duh winning video
Watch Saturday Night Live Charlie Sheen sketch (video)

If you missed the Saturday Night Live Charlie Sheen sketch, watch the SNL “Duh! Winning! with Charlie Sheen” video here.

SNL’s Bill Hader does Sheen’s crazy pretty well and it seems Sheen approves. Hader told MTV News, “He liked it. Charlie reacted to it and really liked it and I never met him before, so that’s good.”

The Saturday Night Live Charlie Sheen spoof opened Saturday’s SNL, hosted by Miley Cyrus.

The SNL Charlie Sheen sketch included controversial guests, including Qaddafi (Fred Armisen)and Lindsay Lohan (Cyrus), plus plenty of winning Charlie Sheen quotes!

Bonus: I’d totally watch “Platoon 2: Electric Platoonaloo.”