Savannah Brinson Watches LeBron James Play: Are They Engaged Or Not?

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LeBron James: Engaged to Savannah Brinson?

Savannah Brinson, girlfriend of LeBron James, was on hand to watch her BF’s preseason debut with the Miami Heat last night, in a contest the Heat won by 16 points. James said after the game that their two children stayed home because of school obligations, but it’s pretty clear that no one noticed they were too busy trying to get a look at Brinson’s finger to see if she was wearing an engagement ring!

The rumors began two weeks ago that the two had gotten engaged. Brinson supposedly tweeted about it, but because her Twitter feed is private, no one can seem to confirm that.

James has not publicly acknowledged the engagement, and there’s yet to be a confirmed sighting of the ring which is telling because you know that with the money James has, it is going to be a BIG ring.

I can’t find Savannah on Facebook, where the marital status might offer a clue, and since her Twitter account is closed off, I guess we’ll just have to wait until someone gets a good photo of her hand to find out if these two high school sweethearts are going to make it down the aisle!


Photo: PR Photos