Say It Isn't So! No More Paparazzi Family Pics in California?!? (VIDEO)


Halle BerryUh oh.  We may —someday – be lacking in celebrity family photos to write about!

California’s governor -and a celebrity himself – Arnold Schwarzenegger just signed an anti-paparazzi bill that would really cramp our Suri, Violet and Kingston watching ways. What’s the bill all about? This new bill would make it illegal for the paparazzi to take unauthorized photos of celebrities in “personal or familial activity.”

The punishment for taking and selling these intimate pics would be a fine of $50,000 and it would also allow lawsuits to be filed against the companies that publish and use those photos. But will this legal threat really make a difference? The editor of Parade Magazine told ABC that “Everyone would applaud this law if in fact it did teach paparazzi how to be dignified in their treatment of celebrities and public figures. I don’t see that happening right away. What I do see happening is a bunch of court cases.”

The law will go in affect in California in January. Hopefully all our favorite celebrity babes, toddlers and kids will be shooting out of state so we can still get our peepers on their cute pics.

Check out the ABC coverage of the decision here:

Source: Via Jezebel

Pic Via Socialite Life