Say It Isn't So! Tiffany Outs Jonathan Knight


Jonathan Knight gayTiffany appeared with Debbie Gibson on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens.” Andy Cohen asked Tiffany about dating any of the members of New Kids on the Block.

Guess Andy Cohen never had any issues of Tiger Beat or Bop or whatever those magazines were back when New Kids on the Block were all the rage the first time around. Or he would have known that Tiffany dated Jonathan Knight. I may have hated her for this.

But, as Tiffany was talking about dating Jonathan Knight, she said “He became gay later.”

Hold up a minute! Jonathan Knight has never admitted to being gay. Even if Tiffany says that they used to do facials together and that he was so easy to talk to and “fabulous,” that doesn’t have to mean anything, right?

As New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys tours together, that audience of screaming fans doesn’t want to hear Tiffany’s claims that Jonathan Knight is gay. Some of the NKOTB and BSB are already married and have kids. We need someone to dream about!

What do you think of Tiffany’s claim about Jonathan Knight?

Photo: PRPhotos