Scam Alert! Tareq Salahi Sued, and Now He Owes Money


salahisThe Salahis can’t seem to stay out of trouble, though conveniently that trouble always seems to come just as a new episode of “The Real Housewives of DC” is about to air. This week they’re in the headlines for a lawsuit against Tareq Salahi, Michaele’s husband, who’s being sued by one of the participants in a dubious charity polo event the couple runs.

You saw Lynda Erkiletian snark about the event on the series premiere two weeks ago; it supposedly raises money for the Journey for the Cure Foundation charity in Virginia.

But now it’s coming out that the whole thing just may be a scam, which resulted in the lawsuit against Tareq that went to court on Friday.

JB Printing & Specialty Services claims that it provided customized embroidered polo jackets, fleece blankets and straw hats for the Salahi event two years ago, at a price of $4,576.

That may seem like chump change for the Salahis — didn’t Tareq buy Michaele a horse and a bunch of couture for her birthday on last week’s episode? but apparently Tareq didn’t feel he had to pay up. JB’s bill went unpaid for two years.

They filed a suit against Tareq, who skipped last Friday’s court date about the matter, and so the judge said he must pay.

Guess what? He hasn’t yet. Maybe Teresa Giudice could help him out on how to write a check?


Photo: PR Photo