Lisa De Vanna Facebook Photos: Worst Role Model Ever?


Lisa De Vanna PhotosWhen I first read about this story my reaction was, “What was she thinking?” My second reaction was, “Nothing. Absolutely nothing.” The same goes for the third reaction, fourth and so on.

Aussie soccer star Lisa De Vanna, a role model that young people look up to and follow on social networking sites, posted naughty pictures of herself doing things so unmentionable they are not appropriate to print on (think props including animal statues).  A 13 year old saw the pictures, as many others surely did as well, and their mother complained to the Football Federation Australia.

“I wouldn’t want my daughter to follow the Matildas and Lisa,” the distraught mother complained, according to the Herald Sun.”These girls aren’t role models – they are an embarrassment to themselves and their sport.”

This mother is correct. Facebook and other social sites can feel safe because you never see the people on the other side of the screen. There’s a false sense of security, but surely anyone with a modicum of common sense and logic would know that fans follow them and would see these images.

The FFA has said it “sets high standards for its players and is aware that they are looked at as role models. As soon as we were made aware of some inappropriate photographs we requested that the player take them down.”

Lisa could receive a reprimand or be kicked off her team, the Matildas.


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