School Run FAIL - Claudia Schiffer Totally Mismatched (But Still Gorgeous)


Claudia Schiffer

Admit it, you’ve had one of those mornings where you’re totally late trying to get the kids out the door and get them to school on time. You’re frantic, you’re frazzled and you’re frankly, freaking out. All us mom’s have had those days, and it’s not just us civilians, but super models too! Yes, it is very reassuring to see Goddess like moms leave the house a disheveled and discombobulated. An example? Claudia Schiffer. Check out her outfit on a recent school run right here.

But you know, perhaps there’s a good reason why she is totally mismatched and wearing her slippers. Perhaps it’s some new designer look- the Boho Sailor – that just hasn’t reached across the pond to the good old USA. But I’m thinking that she was just busy, with a infant at home and two other young ones, she probably just threw on what ever was handy. Who cared if all the parents and paparazzi look and stare, me thinks it’s more important to get the kids to school on time!

Have you ever left the house totally mismatched?

Photo: PCN