Scooby Doo Google Doodle: Happy Halloween from Scooby Doo Gang!

scooby doo google doodle halloween 2010
Scooby Doo Google doodle for Halloween 2010

Zoinks! The Scooby Doo Google doodle today celebrates Halloween 2010 as only the Scooby Doo gang can. Five different Scooby Doo Google doodle images can be scrolled through with the arrow to the right of the images or the Scooby prints below.

The Scooby Doo Google doodle images include:

Trick or treaters on the run from a ghostly creep stealing their candy, while the Mystery Machine van appears in the background.

The Scooby Doo gang getting the scoop on what happened, while Scooby gets a snack from Shaggy and they notice the trail of candy. The “e” in Google also appears.

The gang investigates clues and the “G” in Google appears.

The ghostly dude makes an appearance as Scooby and Shaggy make a run for it. A basketball is seen flying towards the ghost.

The identity of the ghost is revealed in the final Scooby Doo Google doodle image.

Case solved. Candy returned. And Google letters seen throughout the Scooby Doo images.

Happy Halloween!

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