Scott Disick To Launch His Own Clothing Line

scott disick
Scott Disick is planning his own clothing line

Seems like Scott Disick is eager to venture into the fashion world, just like his girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian!   Scott is known for his sense of style to fans of the Kardashian reality show, and now he’s decided to start his own clothing line.  He told E!Online that

 “I’m going to start my own clothing line that will probably be out by 2011. It will have everything from shoes to clothing to cuff links to accessories.”

The father of 9 month old Mason is serious about style, and even has had suits made for his little guy!

“He gets dressed up occasionally as well, like his father,” Scott explained. “I’ve had him a few suits made…pinstripe, three piece. He’s pretty stylish for a 9-month-old child.”

I think you either love Scott or you hate him, but would you want to anyone you know to dress like him?  I think he kinda loses me with all the pastels he sports!  What do you think? Do you think his clothing line would be a success?

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