Scott Wolf on Parenting and Poorly Timed Labor


Scott Wolf’s wife, Kelley, went into labor with their first child at a bit of an inconvenient time: the V star was a bit hungover under the weather. The cast of V had been, according to Wolf, “over-served” when he received the call to get on a plane because, ready or not, the baby was coming.

Luckily he has an understanding wife (remember her from The Real World: New Orleans?) and baby.

“He actually hung in there those last few hours,” he says, of now one-year-old Jackson not coming immediately. “I think he was letting me sober up! [He was thinking,] ‘This guy is not ready for me yet!'”

While on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Wolf also discussed how you plan to raise a child versus the reality of raising a child.

“You start out with all these rules — we’re not going to feed him sugar, we’re not going to swear after 9 — and then it gets to a point where you realize if he’s happy… It gets to the point where my wife is like, ‘Honey, he’s eating Skittles and watching Scarface,‘ and I’m like, ‘Does he seem happy? Get out of there! That’s a good movie.'”



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