Scottie Pippen Hall of Fame Induction: Will He Thank ALL His Kids in Speech?


Chicago Bulls great Scottie Pippen is a legend to anyone who is a fan of basketball, and on Friday, he will be inducted into the NBA’s Hall of Fame. Pippen, who played many years with the Bulls, helped to lead the team (with teammate and friend Michael Jordan) to six NBA championships, as well as earned a gold medal in the 1992 summer Olympics as part of the “Dream Team.”

Michael Jordan is going to give the induction speech for Scottie, who will then presumably give his own speech. But will Pippen, who will most likely thank his three children with model Larsa Pippen, acknowledge his other children, who seem to have fallen out of his life?

When Pippen was basketball royalty, he was signing contracts and endorsements left and right — and also fathering kids. Before his marriage to Larsa, Pippen acknowledged his fathering of four other children — a son with his ex-fiance, a daughter with an ex-girlfriend and twin girls (sadly, one died at birth) with a woman he simply referred to as a “mistake.” In interviews, he admits to being the father of all those children, and somehow fostering relationships with them (though he claimed he was going to wait until the kids were older to avoid their mothers), but as he’s gotten older, those kids have seemingly fallen off the radar.

So, when he’s inducted tomorrow and thanks his children, do you think he’s going to thank the children he doesn’t acknowledge?


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