Scream 4: Could This Sequel Be Better Than the Original? Plus Watch Scream 4 Trailer


screamThe Scream 4 release on April 15th has me thinking about sequels.  It’s rare that a sequel is better than the original movie. And as there are more and more sequels in a series, the quality tends to go down. Unless you are talking about series like Twilight or Harry Potter, where all of the movies are needed to tell the complete story.

But, in the case where a movie is made to stand alone and then sequels are added because of the film’s popularity, the sequels tend to be worse than the original.

An exception to this might be Scream 4.  After all, the first Scream movie was released back in 1996: Scream 4 has the advantage of better special effects and a reportedly more twisted plot.

Watch the Scream 4 trailer:

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