Seal and Heidi! Brad and Angelina! Jen and Baby! This Weekend's Wildest Celeb Rumors (Photos)

Does this say "divorce" to you?

Well, if that isn’t proof, I don’t know what is!

Seal posted this enigmatic photo of an arm – presumably his – on his Twitter account on Friday, captioning it “The End.”  To the casual observer, it might be a pretty abstract picture, or even a nod to the finale of his London tour promoting his new album.

But because it just happened to be posted the day before the rumor broke of his supposed split from Heidi Klum, everyone’s now buzzing that Mr. Kiss From a Rose was sending a secret message.

“What else could ‘The End’ mean?” goes the whisper. “And of COURSE that winglike shape on his arm is symbolic of Heidi’s Victoria’s Secret days!”

Yes, the gossip mill was working away overtime this weekend, with hot topics ranging from the Heidi-Seal split to the latest Jennifer Aniston bump watch. Some of the murmurs had the ring of truth; others seemed more like the usual pot-stirring.

Take a look at the stories that hit the web over the last couple of days and tell us: Which ones do you think are on the level?

  • Heidi and Seal are divorcing 1 of 7
    Heidi and Seal are divorcing
    Although initial reports had them headed straight for divorce court, other sources say they're trying to work things out.
  • Brad and Angelina are divorcing 2 of 7
    Brad and Angelina are divorcing
    Star Magazine once again claimed the Jolie-Pitt relationship was on the rocks. Angie wants to explore the world, the story went, while Brad wants to retire and settle down with the family. But their smiles at the Golden Globes told a different story.
  • Angelina’s pregnant 3 of 7
    Angelina's pregnant
    Despite a distinct lack of baby bumpage, Ms. Jolie was once again reported to be in the early stages of another pregnancy. So which IS it? Divorce or baby? Or...maybe neither?
  • Jen’s pregnant 4 of 7
    Jen's pregnant
    A British paper reported that Jennifer Aniston wants to take a break from acting projects for the time being - and recent pictures do show her looking a little bigger around the middle.
  • Leah and Jeremy have split 5 of 7
    Leah and Jeremy have split
    "Teen Mom 2" star Leah Messer and boyfriend Jeremy Calvert were said to be on the outs, but they were both quick to say they're just fine, thanks.
  • Jay-Z got a push present 6 of 7
    Jay-Z got a push present
    Blue Ivy's dad was seen sporting a huge sapphire ring that was said to be a baby gift from wife Beyonce. If it's true, let's hope she got an equally nice bit of bling!
  • Kate Gosselin is back with her bodyguard 7 of 7
    Kate Gosselin is back with her bodyguard
    She's not exactly an A-lister mobbed with fans, one rumor argued, so why else would Kate bring Steve Nield to a TV interview if they weren't dating?

[Photos: via Twitter; Pacific Coast News]

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