Seal And Heidi Klum Are At Odds Over Baby Names


seal-heidi-klum-bumpWith only weeks (days?) to go before the very pregnant Heidi Klum is due to deliver her baby girl, she and Seal have reportedly come to a stalemate in the baby name game. Luckily, the do have a plan.

Says Seal:

“We do not know yet,” the 46-year-old soul singer told E!, adding: “It has been the topic of debate for the last month. We can’t quite figure it out.”

The funny thing is that Heidi and Seal seem to gravitate towards pretty conventional names. There are no “Moon Units” or “Princess Tiaamiis” in their family. So far, Heidi’s kids are named Helene, Henry and Johan — pretty normal (which I always think is a good idea).

So, what’s their plan to come up with the brilliant and perfect baby name for their daughter? Here’s what Seal had to say:

“I’m a firm believer that she will pop out and will tell us what she wants to be called.”

Dude, it’d be really creepy if she pops out and starts talking… I’m not sure we should hope for that.

Still, I can attest to the fact that there is quite literally no game that both as frustrating and yet addictive as the name game. Every time you’ve settled on a name, someone will start rattling off their suggestions and the game starts up again.

Maybe Heidi and Seal should talk to Joel and Nicole, they always seem to have no trouble finding clever names.