Sean Combs Spent $3 Million On His Birthday Party?


sean_combs_3-million-birthdaySo I just read that Sean Combs spent $3 million dollars to celebrate his 40th birthday and I’m not sure what to think. On one hand it’s like whatever, and on the other I’m more like are you freaking kidding me?

I don’t know what’s crazier: the fact that he spent 3 million, the fact that he still needs to have a birthday party, or the fact that he spent $3 million on his birthday and yet he still wore those clothes to the party. If you spend $3 million on a party shouldn’t you dress the part?
Just the example of that kind of frivolous expenditure is such a horrible example to his twin daughters.

It’s like a big HA-HA to his fans that have very little.

Whatever. IF you were so lucky as to attend the birthday party you would have been treated to a Garden-of-Eden themed room with black chandeliers, a black dance floor, a $30,000 orchid display and then showered with silver confetti while serenaded by Al Green.

Well worth $3 million dollars?