Sean Diddy Combs Takes His Twin Daughters To The Spa For A Mani/Pedi (Photos)

Diddy's twins, Jesse and D'Lila

Tell us: how many famous celebrity dads out there do you know that take the time out of their day to treat their daughters to a little mani/pedi date? Almost no one, right?

Well, it looks like Sean “Diddy” Combs is about to change that and make it a new trend as he shared a few new photos of him taking out his twin girls, D’Lila and Jessie James out to the spa for a day of fun with their daddy!

I could just so see Diddy taking the mani and pedi seriously… he just seems like that kind of dad who loves to spoil his little girls. I wouldn’t be surprised if their tea parties are all decked out too!

Check out our photos below and let us know what you think. We also threw in a few new photos of Diddy’s girls from his Twitter account, too.

  • Throwback Thursday 1 of 5
    Throwback Thursday
    Proud pappa reminisced with his Twitter fans with this Throwback Thursday photo of his twin girls. Photo via Twitter
  • Tub Time! 2 of 5
    Tub Time!
    It even looks like daddy is having a little fun here, too! Photo via Twitter
  • Older Sister Chance 3 of 5
    Older Sister Chance
    Something tells me that she's going to grow up to be quite the star! Photo via Twitter
  • Dancin’ Around 4 of 5
    Dancin' Around
    These girls love being in front of the camera. Photo via Twitter
  • Pedi Time 5 of 5
    Pedi Time
    How many famous fathers do you know that take their twin daughters out for mani and pedi's? :-) Photo via Twitter

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