Sebastian Bach Is a Biter! What Did The Skid Row Singer Do To Get Arrested?


Sebastian Bach

To not bite another human being is something that is usually covered when one is a toddler. It’s one of those no-nos that many a preschooler engages in but they are generally swiftly educated that this is not acceptable behavior. But it looks like Skid Row frontman, actor and heavy metal icon Sebastian Bach wasn’t ever taught that lesson. What did 42-year-old dad of three do?

Apparently he bit a man. Reports are saying that Bach was hanging out at a bar in Canada when he was asked to leave. He tried to depart with his wine glass in hand but when the staff told him he couldn’t bring his drink with him he reportedly lost it. He threw his wine glass at the front door. When the owner of the club tried to restrain him, Bach bit the owner on his hand. The staff then kept him restrained until the police could come. And when they arrived they also found about two ounces of marijuana on him. Bach was charged with assault, possession and of mischief.

I wonder what his kids think of that, Daddy acting like a big baby! Especially his youngest child, who’s just 3. Maybe he was taking his social skills from his toddler?


Image – PR Web

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