Secret Society of Women : Filling a Need

lisa ling the secret society of women
Lisa Ling, Co-founder of The Secret Society of Women

The Secret Society of Women was launched after Lisa Ling had her miscarriage and realized that there was not anywhere for her to share how she felt about it. She and friend Sofia Kim created the forum where women can share how they feel about what is most important to them and confess their secrets.

Why the need for an anonymous outlet?

Maybe you are having problems in your marriage and want a place to talk about it. You might not want to confide in the other moms in your playgroup for fear that they will gossip about it or that they will then be looking for the cracks in your marriage when they see you and your husband together. But, at the Secret Society of Women, you can share anonymously and not worry about your neighbors being judgemental.

Or maybe you have a secret you’ve never shared with anyone: like an addiction. On the Secret Society of Women, you can find others who are going through the same thing and find support in each other.

Sharing of secrets and finding and giving support is the thought behind the forum. Will you join in? Or do you feel like you can always say exactly what is on your mind to anyone? For the link to the forum, visit this link.

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