Secret Son Omer To Star In Michael Jackson Biopic


michael-jackson-omer-bhattiFurther confusing the debate over whether or not Omer Bhatti is Michael Jackson’s lovechild, or just a close friend, Omer is now slated to play the King of Pop in a new biopic. According to The Sun, the former MJ impersonator is set to play his father/idol in a new biographical movie about Michael’s superstar days (before the child abuse allegations).

From The Sun:

“The family is close to Omer, as Michael was. He is a fantastic performer and they would like him to play the adult Michael,” The Sun quoted a family friend as saying. “Michael’s story from childhood to the height of success is nothing short of astounding. It needs to be told and that’s what his family wants…

The family feel fans would love to see a dramatic retelling. They want to cover his childhood and family life but focus on when his career went into overdrive.”

I guess Michael always did look a little youngish, but looking at these pictures of 25-year-old Omer, he looks like he could play the young Michael Jackson — from the Jackson 5 era. Check out how young he looks. It doesn’t seem like a great casting decision.

Of course, it’s probably safe to assume that the Jackson family doesn’t have a whole lot of influence over the casting of a Hollywood biopic anyway. So, even if the Sun’s article was true, Omer is probably not at the top of the list in the casting office.

I’m sure stars are lining up for that role. I heard that Jon Gosselin is going to read for the part of “late 90s, washed-up MJ.” I’m kidding.