See Kim Kardashian W Magazine Photos: Why Kim Was So Upset

kim kardashian w magazine kim kardashian silver paint
Kim Kardashian W magazine: Did you feel bad for her?

If you watched “Kourtney & Kim Take New York” last night, you probably noted the utter shock and anger over Kim Kardashian’s W magazine photo shoot. You know, the infamous Kim Kardashian silver paint pictures? Apparently she was drugged and forced at gunpoint to pose nude for the magazine … what’s that? She was lucid and did it voluntarily?

Hmmm. Kim was upset that her body wasn’t more covered up in the photos, as she thought it would be. You want to give the girl the benefit of the doubt, but when you’re one of the world’s foremost sex symbols and you take your clothes off at a photo shoot, chances are they’re gonna use the pictures.

Kim kinda has a habit of freaking out though. Remember how she blamed the Kim Kardashian Playboy pics on her mom? And after she poses provocatively for any magazine cover, she tends to say afterward “Oh, I’ll never pose like that again.” Till she does it again.

What do you think? Did you feel bad for Kim Kardashian or did you want her to deal with her own apparent mistake?


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