See Mariah Carey Twins: Barbara Walters 20/20 Interview Video

Mariah Carey Barbara Walters 20 20 twins Moroccan Monroe video interview
Mariah Carey, Barbara Walters and Dembabies on 20/20!

Looking for Mariah Carey twin photos? Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are doing even better than pics “Dembabies” make their debut in this 20/20 video from Mariah and Nick’s interview with Barbara Walters.

So far, Mariah and Nick have only shared Moroccan and Monroe photos showing their babies’ hands.

Not exactly a lot for fans to go on, and it’s pretty surprising that we haven’t seen much more of Mariah Carey’s twins in their first six months!

Mariah and Nick talk with Barbara Walters about how life has changed since the twins’ birth, discussing their marriage and Mariah’s pregnancy.

You can catch a glimpse of one of Mariah Carey’s twins in the 20/20 video below and watch the full Barbara Walters interview on Friday, October 21 on ABC.

Mariah shared the news of her Barbara Walters interview and the first look at her twins when she posted on Twitter: “Tune in to the exclusive 20/20 interview with Mariah, Nick and Dem Babies for the first time. Airing October 21 at 10:00pm at ABC (”

Mariah had explained in a recent Google+ session with fans that revealing twin photos of Roc and Roe was a “delicate situation.” She also shared, “The twins are great, they’re so much fun. I will be talking about them in an interview soon..!”