Seeing "Despicable Me": I Laughed, Steve Carell Cried & Julie Andrews Was Diabolical


I was pretty damn stoked. I got to sit in the same room as Julie Andrews. Yes, thee Julie Andrews of Mary Poppins, Sound of Music and S.O.B. fame. I never realized how much I had wanted to be in the same room as her until… I was. She is pure grace, class and seems to glow in all her dame-ness. But I have to say, Steve Carell, Jason Segel and Miranda Cosgrove weren’t too shabby either.

Now, there have been a slew of reviews of Despicable Me from bad, to good to great. Personally? I thoroughly enjoyed it. And not because I had the honor of doing the whole “press junket” thing for the film. I thought the film was visually interesting and had a great story. (You can check out my review of the film here).  So what did the actors themselves have to say about the film?

Steve Carell:

His kids loved it. He said, “They both were overjoyed. They knew I played Gru and my six-year-old son said, “It was great, but why didn’t you play a minion?” He thought they were so cool! I’m that close to being cool in my kids’ eyes… if only I’d been a minion.”

On the film he said, “It’s the quintessential story of becoming a parent. Someone has their life structured the way they want it to be — or they think they want it to be — and then they have kids and everything changes.” He added, “To watch a super villain go through that is really funny. When I first saw the movie, I got all welled up at the end. And the second time I saw it with my kids, I thought, “Nope, I’m not doing it this time; I’m not going to get teary-eyed.” But I did it again! Because that character is definitely going through what a parent goes through, and finding the power of that connection is overwhelming. There’s nothing else like it.”

Julie Andrews:

When asked “Was it hard to think about being a diabolical mother?” Julie replied that, ” At first it was. Oh God, I don’t want to disappoint any sweet young children that might be coming to see it because they think I’m still Mary Poppins. I [realized] my character has absolutely no idea she is as appalling as she is. She is totally self-involved and has no idea that she is this terrible woman. [Once I realized that], it was okay; it was great fun.”

Great fun indeed. To read the complete interviews as well as interviews with other cast members Miranda Cosgrove (iCarly) and Jason Segel check them out here.