Sela Ward to Replace Melina Kanakaredes on CSI:NY? It's a Mom-Mom Trade


sela ward kidsSela Ward has only been sporadically on TV in recent years, but it’s no surprise that the former Sisters and Once & Again star (and tremendously talented actress) is set to make a big comeback. Both of her kids are growing up, after all, and her fans (well, one fan at least) have been begging. Word has it that she’s in talks to replace Melina Kanakaredes on CSI:NY on CBS.

Kanakaredes announced her departure from the show yesterday morning, not long before shooting was set to start on the drama’s seventh season.Kanakaredes’ kids, both with husband Peter Constantinides, are now ages 10 and 7. Sela’s two kids, with husband Howard Sherman, are 12 and 16. That’s them at left, in 2008 at Miley Cyrus’ Sweet 16 party.

So where’s Sela been hiding out? In addition to a main residence in L.A., she and her family have a farm in Meridian, Miss., where she grew up. “When I go down there, I feel like I’m wrapped in a warm blanket of community and belonging,” Ward told Parade. “I love the heat, the smells, the sound of the frogs and the cicadas at dusk. Oh, and those little bottles of ice-cold Coke—that’s my guilty pleasure.”


PHOTO: Bauer-Griffin

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