Selena Gomez Gets Death Threats From Justin Bieber Fans

selena gomez, justin bieber
Selena Gomez Receives Death Threats.

Now that pictures have been released of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez kissing, it is all but confirmed that these two are definitely an item. And when you become Justin Bieber’s girlfriend, the death threats come-a-knockin.’ Just ask Kim Kardashian.

After the pictures surfaced of the two lovebirds in St. Lucia, a fan tweeted: “@selenagomez don’t touch @justinbieber you are a b!tch i kill you selena stupid stud you always whit famous boys you are a very very b!tch.”

That’s pretty intense if you ask me. These little tween girls need to get a reality check and possibly charged for these threats. It is utterly disgusting.

How do you feel about the angry fans?